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SEPT 2009
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February 07, 2007

Stage: Toddler
Psychosocial Crisis: Autonomy vs. Shame
Age: 1.5 - 2.5 years old
Significant Relations: Parents
Contribution To Identity Formation: I am what i will freely
Favorable Outcome: Self-control and Will power
Unfavorable Outcome: Self-Doubt

Potential Issues From the Toddler Stage:
1. Inability to say no to friends because you are afraid they will reject you.
2. Inability to set limits with your boss because you fear you might get fired.
3. Difficulty stating how you feel because you fear you will be humiliated or rejected.
4. Feeling smothered if someone tries to get close.
5. Feeling inadequate if a friend is upset and cannot make that friend feel better.

Yet again, I listen to my mom's and relatives' stories about me.

I had autonomy on the past. I was placed on a stroller where I can be supported while I walk. hehe. I don't know much.. My parents were and are very nice and demonstrative people.
I'm just me because of my experiences, my attitude in life and towards these experience, and my thoughts/reflections when I was younger. :)

Potential Issue # 1: At HS (High School), I would always say yes. I was really afraid of being rejected. But it changed when I went to my first college school, the people and the surroundings changed me. I was always suffering looking at how life there was so grim for some and happiness was like temporary. A city of vices. People started taking advantage of my YESness... So, I started fighting back.. I said no. no more. I became a balance of schoolsmart and streetsmart. I started knowing what I want. Today, I am glad to know good (and curious for the bad) opinions/comments of other people about my poems. Rejection is just an event that tells me I need to improve more. It's like having the fear of a new experience. I'm glad to experience something new..but not now.

Potential Issue # 2: Not applicable but I would set limits. but I fear the anger of myself towards my boss. I don't want my anger. It is a different kind. It is destructive. But I can still control it. I fear it.

Potential Issue # 3: None. I have difficulty only when choosing the right degree of words to use. I'm placing my feelings/thoughts here because I don't want my words to affect another. I just want someone to listen. They don't care. They don't know me personally.

Potential Issue # 4: Feel smothered... Yes, at HS. but only if that someone was a girl. At HS, i was really surrounded by my walls.

Potential Issue # 5: Yes, I feel inadequate whenever that happens. So, I would push myself to help and help. And when I'm successful, I don't feel inadequate but I want to keep on helping and supporting. Saved 3 suicides because of this quality. :)

I have so much flaws but these flaws make me. These flaws can be overcome by myself but, right now, this is how I am myself. For the favorable outcome, I am a big success especially on the will power. For self-control, there were times I couldn't control myself. Right now, I can still control myself. Self-Doubt, it happens. Questions ring my head: "Am I for her?", "Is this right?", "Am I the one for her?", "Will she love me again?".... self-doubt can destroy someone in confusion.

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