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SEPT 2009
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February 07, 2007

Stage: Adolescence
Psychosocial Crisis: Idnetity vs. Identity Diffusion
(Note: Identity diffusion is like having a different personality when you're at home and when you're at school)
Age: 12 - 20 years old
Significant Relations: Peer Group
Contribution To Identity Formation: I am I
Favorable Outcome: Devotion and Fidelity
Unfavorable Outcome: Uncertainty

Potential Issues From the Adolescent Stage:
1. Being sexually shy or inhibited.
2. Having an inappropriate need for other's approval.
3. Using substances or destructive behavior to cope with discomfort of life.
4. Feeling socially inadequate.
5. Feeling overly self-conscious about phsyical appearance.
6. Being caught in an active or passive state of rebellion.
7. Being so afraid to stand out that you never discover what your own taste are.

My Reflection:
It has been a zigzag and up-and-down life for me. But when I was covered and filled with uncertainty in the past.. I found devotion and fidelity through her. And I'm so torn apart because she'll be (I prefer might) leaving me soon..

Potential Issue # 1: I'm a bit shy because I'm just not used to it. But, there are times, I can just let go of myself and I feel comfortable.

Potential Issue # 2: Yes, I do have that but it is a want.. I want an approval of love.. Because, without it, I couldn't live like myself.

Potential Issue # 3: I have done it before. Presently, just a bit substance and a bit more destructive. I have an urge/intent to kill but a promise is a promise. A promise is never meant to be broken even though all things in life can be broken. My life right now is so uncomfortable but I'm able to cope up with it just by talking and expressing myself.

Potential Issue # 4: I'm not socially inadequate. I can talk about a lot of things from books, from knowledge and from experience to anything at all.

Potential Issue # 5: A bit... Still the same, acne and skin color.. I don't want people looking up to me and categorizing me as if I'm a foreigner because of my mestizo looks.

Potential Issue # 6: I'm always in a passive state of rebellion against giving up except for life.

Potential Issue #7: I have discovered my taste. Simple and low-maintenance but stylish in a way.

My current peers don't influence me in drinking or smoking. They are all singles and focused on studying. While I am focused on a girl, then on studies. I have not realized I had so much devotion, fidelity and love till she did a mistake. I didn't feel sorry. I felt I just realized my love and it was so strong and endless to let go..

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