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SEPT 2009
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February 08, 2008

Sharing - Some of my favorite songs # 1

Here are some of the songs I listen to:

First from VLES (You can see the songs at my account, click here )
1. Sonic - Modrocket
2. Wet and Rusting - Menomena
3. Distantly - The Last Dance

Second are opening and ending themes of Animes: (You can download the songs at this site )

Anime: Bleach
1. Kansha - RSP
2. Rolling Star - Yui
3. Alones - Aqua Timez

Anime: Prince of Tennis
1. Walk On - Fujishige Masataka
2. Wonderful Days - Pulltab to Kan

Anime: Ghost in the Shell
1. Inner Universe - Origa

Anime: Gundam Zero (00)
1. Wana - The Back Horn

Anime: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
1. God Knows - Aya Hirano

Anime: True Tears
1. Reflectia - Eufonius

Note: Please download at your own risk. =)

Poem - Meaning of Life

This is a poem I, still, made in high school. I was fed up with too much love at that time. This is my expression for what I've felt that perceived experience. The title is "Meaning of Life."

Life is all about death and pain
And sweet love comes as the desert rain
Life is predefined in the past and in our youth
But, what it really is, is hidden from the truth

Life is the beginning and end is its death
From a child’s eternity, it has been set
Doom it will bring, for everyone, to all
As time moves on, civilizations will fall

Life is a pain to each entity
From a baby’s birth to eternity
Its pain grasping the heart
Our mind, can’t take it, splits apart

Life is also the giver of that sweet dew called love
Since man was born, he desires it; it he must have
The love given by God, parents and every friend
Yet it is love, there is pain, sometimes it really does end

Life is what I told you – death, love, pain
Through time and ages come, will you still be sane?
Life is the rise and fall of a wave’s beat
Life has meaning to all who see it, to those it shall meet