SEPT 2009

SEPT 2009
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January 20, 2008

Rushing Speed, Pain

Poems again hehe

I present you two short poems – Rushing Speed and Pain – that I wrote in my high school days. I think around my sophomore and junior years.

Rushing Speed

A light flashes across the eye
Like a star winks from Heaven’s sky
Simple and quick yet impulsive
Feel the rhythm and you’ll believe

Overwhelming velocity
Rushing forward critically
Running high to soul’s reaction
From passion to an obsession

Energy drains, still strength remains
Rushing through hills, mountains and plains
Stiff bones are strained and cold sweat rains
Endure the pain and life sustains



My heart throbs of pain
A source of sorrow
A death made of chain
Never to let go

A simple tradition
A complex addiction
Can’t stop aching inside
I have to leave your side

I can’t leave you
But I need to
Waving goodbye
Regretful lie

Now I’m ready,
I am all set
To go my way
At my glory’s death

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