SEPT 2009

SEPT 2009
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January 15, 2008

This poem is one of my masterpieces. It has a good choice of words to be as accurate as it can be to the experience and, one can say, this is a very grand introduction to a greeting. :-)
(Note: I wrote this in my high school days)

This poem is entitled "Birthday."

This day makes you extraordinary
And even if your mood might vary
This day passes on with great dignity, hidden
Only in the frame of your heart could it be seen

Of the psyche and heart, feel its masterpiece
In the center, nurtured by still silence and peace
The scenery of your soul, the core of life
Your why of surpassing the everyday strife

Only a minute piece can be described and defined
For everything else is so intricate to the mind
It is as if you're in the axis of every character
And it is as if every fragment matters

The complexity of one's time and how one grows
Is like the countless stars at night and the petals of a rose
Each one has its own sense and each one means something
But when each piece is united to a whole, it is everything

This day is that masterpiece, that extraordinary, that complex
A day where dreams and moments seem to stretch, to flex
Bursting with hope yet restoring to its original form
But with the awareness of daily life's sweet storm

This one-of-a-kind day is just for you, letting you know
It never repeats; for today's once is a memory tomorrow
So, may I make this day more radiant, more sentient, more anew
Let this words remain in your heart, "Happy Birthday to you"

1 comment:

glamOrusa said...

ohh nohhh, my nose starts to bleed...hahaha. nice masterpiece!