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January 15, 2008

I have posted a few blogs but I have been blogging for 1 year or so... but on different blogs which I don't know the password or email I've used, maybe lost emails. hehe

So, I'll reintroduce myself (In VB6 programming language, that is ReDim) hehe :-)

I love programming especially on the Visual Basic Series. I have the introduction and basics on C/C++ and Java but didn't go further in studying those languages. Relating to languages, I grew up on English and Tagalog through my education and family. My family is pure Filipino but, in all our conversations, I found English easier to speak and write than anything. I had to analyze when it comes to speaking the local languages.

I have written essays in my high school days but stopped due to its innocence (no conflict)
I always thought of a utopia but that's not reality. I have my childhood fantasies but I, being a young adult, have to stick to reality and keep moving forward to my priorities in life. If dreams were to be only attached to, then how can I reach them? I have to keep moving forward till I get to the other side of the horizon.

Also, I love making poems - rhyming or free verse. I just need a theme, a past experience or an experience that would happen, and a metaphor. Sometimes, I just need time to make a poem from a minimum of 30 minutes to a week. I will present 2 poems to you at the end of this post. :-) The first would be my very first poem written at 2001 and the second would be a love and frienship poem dedicated to someone special to me in high school. But this poem has touched me not as a dedication or as a link to that someone but as a poem of itself. I love the way it sounds, the way it can be read and how it is made - by happy thoughts.

Again, my poems could be my experiences, another person's experience (some individuals have requested me to make poems for their uses) and other possibilities :-)

Lastly, another thing about me, I like different things. I like "balot" which is uncooked duck egg and other exotic food. When I explain, I don't like complicating and would simplify it further as I can unless I want to complicate it to hide hidden meanings (like some of my poems).

Here are samples of my poem collection (I'll add more in the future):

1.) Broken Love (2001)

I cried for love
in my shadow's tear.
I raised myself above
but swallowed by fear.
I gave you a smile
and you returned.
I gave you trust,
you just turned.
I walked a mile
to forget the past.
I came back for you
just to break my heart to two.

Note: I know the poem is a sad one but when I was making it, I had no relationships nor was I broken hearted then.

2.) Friendship and Fondness (2003)

As you see me today
Remember that for perpetuity
For wherever your path lays
My friendship for you is eternity

This might be my crest foundation
For letdowns and glories to appear
So I'm here to declare my passion,
My fondness for you, my friend, so dear

I'm alive to be your friend
Whatever happens, you're secure
In my heart... It never ends.
By dangers, no one can lure

Yet in reality, there's no finish
To some downbeat force
Even if it comes through, those wishes
But I'm here throughout life's course

I am your friend and this is your day
So, I'm here, as one to tell you
I am your admirer and I say
My friend, I've grown fond of you

Note: The only thing edited in this poem is at the last line of the last stanza which is : "My friend." I changed it to protect myself and to the one who owns the name I replaced.

That's it for now. Tomorrow, I'll share another poem I'd love to share now but I'm a bit sleepy.

G'night to y'all ^_^

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