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SEPT 2009
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January 20, 2008

Poem - Hide & Seek

This is a poem I made at my last year at high school and it is the only poem that got published in my high school magazine. Hope you enjoy it

“Hide & Seek”

Last night, I scarcely heard
Him who speaks the Holy word
I heard from Him, the light
Yet I can’t forego, I can’t fight

For the shadow that engulfs my soul
Is pitch-dark of a dead coal
It covers my toes to the top of my brow
Grasping my heart, beating so slow

Again, I heard Him clearly
When He was seeking for me
I felt His goodness, His power
Though, I must yield fear, I cower

For the shadow blinds me,
Petrifies me like a stone-like tree
Cold and frozen to the bone
Silent, sad and all alone

He who speaks the Holy word
Call me last and call me third
When the light comes, stay with me
So I can be what you want me to be

Yesterday, I heard Him shout
The words from His mouth
And darkness came for me to dare
I stepped forward and I wasn’t scared

For the shadow that engulfs my soul
Is crawling away at the level of my sole
My spirit purified and my mind enlightened
My heart unburdened, thoroughly lightened

My soul freely roams this earthly Eden
And God is with me, partly hidden
He will protect me, no need to worry
For in Him, eternal is glory

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