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SEPT 2009
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January 30, 2008

Poem - Death

Here is another one of my poems from high school. I have wrote many poems about life and death in a good or bad outlook. This one is in a dark way. This is entitled "Death."

It lurks in the deep dark
Even in this world of light
It may leave a terrifying mark
That shatters your hearty sight

IT has evolved through generations
From an ignorant baby to a slaughterer
All over it has its dominations
As the greatest life reaper

A monster yet a guide
To your sweet Nirvana
Or someone who takes your side
To the fire-infested Hellena

Its smile will give you a fearful frown
Its voice will give you a cold chill
Its gaze will make you look down
Yet to others, a terrible thrill

Be fearful of its eyes
Still, empty and shattering red
Screaming of its victim’s cries
Till you are dead, dead, dead

Be powerless of its voice
Full of beauty and cold evil
Mysteriously and silently a noise
Till you’re soul is gone and shriveled

Be depressed of its smile
Sharp, slimy and blue
Making you so fragile
Till you’re not you

Yes, Death is in the midst
Be careful and be patient
It might be man or beast
You might be its next client

Just remember to fear nothing
‘Cause you’ll be one of us
It’ll give you a slashing
You’ll die and become dust

Yes, you are next!
And you’ll surely cry
Your body will be totally flexed
And then you’ll die.


Vincent Bautista said...

One word: "Beautiful"

The poem gives me a chill down my spine because the poem speaks of a universal truth, death.

Keep up the great work! ^_^

rohini said...

i liked this..its very true!!nice..i've been exposed to death coz my father passed away..i can relate to what you wrote..see my poems on the incident at
you may be able to relate to it..

Hearing Aids said...

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