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SEPT 2009
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December 21, 2012

The End Is In Us

Either there is an end of the world or an end to the current era. This is how our world might end:

There is a global interconnectedness that puts our languages, words and meanings into communications and designs that would form the recreation the tower of Babel. It will be conceptualized when technology has given us no gap in time in our news and our global social life. A people's confusion will become the world's confusion. The end of the world is when peace is realized and there exists united humanity.

The tower of Babel arose as a connection to the cosmos and beckoned the power of the beyond. For Christians, God had split a single language. Why would God do that? Does God need a reason to act?

I cannot answer my own questions because my questions are not my points. Focus on the Tower of Babel. The goal of connecting to the cosmos was a foolish one. What can one get from the cosmos? Would it lure danger into our world? Or would it attract our dangerous self? The Tower of Babel's fall may not have been from the cosmos but from humankind. A tower built and glorified by the world denizens, can only stand upright if it was built with cooperation or in corruption.

Another point is survival instincts. Humankind has the strong drive to survive that conflict is essential. If there is no war, there would be neither mistakes nor progress. War cannot be limited to guns and mass deaths; war can be as small as an argument. I would not be surprised if an argument or a simple misunderstanding will end the world.

Yet another point is the environment. The world powers seem to battle global warming and other ecological matters but you'll find pollution rampant in my own city and the government does not seem to care about it. The vehicles pump out their gray smog like pouring water on the streets. The pedestrians walk through them as if they were blind and anosmic. And I complain about it to other people and they tell me to accept the pollution because it is reality. Pollution is a reality because you make it real. Media and mainstream trends have dulled the social activist of individuals and have limited their box of thinking and perceiving.

Then, other people would say about external factors – meteor, alignment, solar flare, aliens and more ideas. If we have stopped our worries on the end of the world and focused in the development of world defense, then we could have reached a better control on the external influence of our world. Take note that world defense does not mean defense against each continent or each country.

World defense is going against the external forces of the universe. World defense is not synonymous to united humanity or world peace but world defense could require a united humanity on some levels to be efficient.

I never want to know when the end of the world will happen. If it can be predicted undoubtedly and accurately, then it would mean humankind has lost hope or has become insane. The end of the world would be our demise. The end of the world only happens in our own hands.

Remember these key points:
1. Trust yourself.
2. Trust others.
3. Work in a common good.
4. Save Mother Earth.

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