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SEPT 2009
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November 07, 2006

Well, after hearing about blogs since highschool, i never wanted to apply into one. I've noticed it but I just didn't want to be one of the sample/population of a marketing venture's project or a target of an obsession. haha :)

Yeah, right...

Well, I felt making a blog so i can put my emotions and thoughts of my everyday life. Some of my secrets and, maybe, the dark juicy ones.. but never more about another person.. just me, its my blog anyway.. (or I can put my feelings towards a person and/or unless.... )

Also, another reason is my gaming PC is being reformatted for a week and classes just started. oh well, i'm using a super slow security-tight (stupid firewalls) laptop... is this a punishment for always playing games?!?!

Oh, well...

A simple introduction:
I am a straight guy in a legal age. no vices except drinking. I like to meet Filipino bloggers, they tend to be an interesting lot. :) I mean, they are an interesting lot. I like to meet people who play DOTA... uhm.. nevermind, i hate DOTA (quitted for 5months and counting)..
so, i like to meet people who play 02 Jam and arcade/console games like Tekken, FF series, Magna Carta and the like.

i like to meet people who watch anime and/or read manga. Naruto. Black Cat. Trigun. Bleach. Slam Dunk. (Black Cat is my most favorite :D yeahhh so cool)

so, right now, I'm watching Detective Conan. just drank beer alone to unstress my first day of school. hehe.. i still have classes in 5 hours and i'm not sleeping or will i take sleeping pills..
I just wanna enjoy the first day. hehe National Youth Day is coming up , by the way..
too bad, i'm not affected 'cause i have to prioritze my classes...

so, hear me soon..

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