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SEPT 2009
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February 04, 2016


You Only Live One-point

One point seems as simple as just one mere point. Unless. Unless, that one point wins the match.

For instance, a boat with a tiny hole in it - as small as a radius of a ballpoint pen - could only drip water into the boat one drop at a time. Then, as a drop of water accumulates into a puddle and eventually that leak sinks the boat. Similarly, a point after point eventually accumulates into grandeur.

One point deserves your 100% if not the whole team's 100%. There would always be a deviation of talent and skills; nonetheless, 100% is 100%. You'll hear groans from some individuals but the worse part of one point is knowing that you didn't do your best. A player never intends to fail.

Another factor in one point is "there is always someone better." But then again, you could be someone better or better in some other factor. Brains or brawn, there are so many variables to conquer or to match; humans are always adaptive to the situation they are in. Will you fight and live that one-point? Or, will you flee from the fear of losing a point or the risks of injury?

You don't live once. You could be alive every single moment; but you only die once.
After one point, what is your next objective?

Of course, to get the next point as well.

The most acclaimed point is a universe point or universal point. It is a point garnered by two teams who fight for each point neck-to-neck. It is a paradox to #YOLO. Two teams would not be able to meet at this crossroad without the passion to live each point and the tenacity to win; on the contrary, either team could not implement a better strategy of defense or adapt a better resolution than the other to prevent this situation.

Each point is money to the bank. It accumulates to better savings and good interest.

Inscribe it in your resolve that as long as a disc is in the air, it has not yet touched the ground.

Live each point as if it were a universal point. A universal point is simply:

"Whoever wins the point owns the universe."

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