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September 02, 2008

Poem - Weaver's Art

Sorry for being very (100x) late... I was just caught up in reality with studies, recreation, love and such. Here is a poem which I made on July 27, 2008. I was trying to make a sonnet and I have realized making it proved to be very, very difficult. So, I converted my initial sonnet into a poem instead. I hope you enjoy this; the title is: "Weaver's Art".

as spiders weave webs, she sews the view
leaf by leaf, she sought such beaut to be true
the artful eyes deemed seedless upon her
as if fall descends time, her leaves wither

the wood frames such piece into sorrow
though light falls through its dull bow
- an apprentice's masterpiece turns to nil
from just a battle of grandmasters will

as her art branches, try as her hands make,
it stills as thorns and becomes wooden stakes
piercing its beholder's dreams of being epic
as if dreams are flesh and bleeds death quick

her eyes hopeful yet her hands are empty
grasping such a trophy she can only see
slowly, her eyes close up into oblivion
and the shadow of her art fades into dawn

1 comment:

kweny said...

been here! I got nose bleed on this.haha. Keep it up!