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SEPT 2009
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April 16, 2016

Exercise is Lifestyle-wise

Exercise is something akin to a long, lost function. It has always been accessible and ever-existing but pretty much taken for granted.

Exercise varies in a lot of individuals and depends on its end product; its form is infinite and its structure unique. To name a few, there is CrossFit, Tae Bo and Zumba; MMA, Boxing and Jiu jitsu; marathons, triathlons and adventure racing. We have it in sports - ultimate, basketball, soccer and etc. We use it in daily life like sweeping the floor, carrying things or walking on errands. For instance, sweeping the floor (or any repeated and sustained motion) may strengthen our coordination and develop our efficiency for it. Each form to its own discipline and function.

Exercise can be considered effortless and simple. A simple but significant first step in getting to this conclusion is to actually realize that exercise IS effortless and simple.

Exercise - why include it in our daily lives? Tons of reasons - body efficiency, strength, tone, health, and etc. It leaves you breathless as you try to outrun its stare; it breaks up the strength you command out of you. Exercise creates a balance of forces. As a hammer strikes through an anvil, it forges the potential out of you. It molds you to a higher quality.

Whatever your reason may be, exercise is good reason enough.

Exercise is usually felt as enduring hardship or an almost-impenetrable wall. It is like swimming against gravity - its force like a waterfall and its current like a shaper. It shapes character into your mind as it significantly builds your way of thinking and adapts with your body in being a carrier of this vigor.

When exercise is viewed as functional, then it must be logical. But then, functional to an extent; when we exercise, we perform a set of actions to achieve a purpose. That purpose may be increasing your strength, making the activity simpler or toning up yourself - it has to have purpose to be functional.

Let me give an example. Right before I started playing Ultimate, I stopped my routine of weightlifting (6x/week for a year) and my habit of smoking cigarettes (5~6 years). I was not healthy but I think it's fair to say I had good base strength. Regardless, I could throw strong but my hand-eye coordination was weak. I could run but I couldn't endure long.

If you are likened to a knife, then purpose sharpens its function. If a knife was considered to be used as a spoon despite its qualities, then purpose would logically dull its edge and try to increase the surface area of its blade (to be able to carry more food).

The first thing I did was improve my throwing and catching skills; at first, it was difficult especially when the wind is around. It didn't take long but I could throw fairly well. I think muscle memory helped me a lot here; the body could only become more efficient in doing when something is done repeatedly, better with good form and good execution.

I ran farther through rain, heat and wind; and, on mud, field and sand. Through the years, I consider those challenges as an expanding wall - cannot be broken, only pushed. Now, I can say that those were only small steps that took me up to this state; what more could have individuals endured to mature as champions?

Giving place for exercise in your lifestyle is logical and beneficial. It instills a proactive outlook and creates opportunities to grow good habits. Like a sword forged by hammer and anvil, you become sharper and more refined.

... But too much exertion might impair your progress. A partner and inverse of exercise is rest. An analogy can be found during forging a sword, the material is dunked into a tub of water as a part of its process. You need to rest and recover to balance the contradicting forces. I will continue on rest in another post.

March 03, 2016

Journal: Pre-Run Insights

This year, I got admission to a half marathon few days into January to challenge myself. It was a stale resolution from 2015 and I wanted it off my list; I can always choose the inevitable.

My goal is to finish it under or in 2 hours.

The week after, I got a minor knee injury in a sports collision. I did the proper RICE + medications. After 2 weeks, I played in an Ultimate disc tournament; I might have been at my 60%. I jumped and ran in the sands and shore.

I mostly cross-trained through cycling and Ultimate (disc sports), and started good nutrition pass halfway through preparations. I got a foam roller and a more optimistic/proactive perspective to help me complete this challenge.

Right now, I feel more confident in running when I wear knee support and when I am fully warmed up. I believe I perform better when I am truly warmed up.

A few days from now (less than four days), I would be running in it. My mindset has changed - I cannot finish this under two hours. I'll do that on my second take (when I'm much better than this year). For now, I aim to finish the whole race.

Today, I realized that preparation is key to a good foundation. When I took this as a challenge, I wasn't anxious that it is just around the corner or nervous feeling I didn't do enough. I know I didn't do enough. But, that's not the point. I got good immunity and body efficiency through vitamins(multi-B, C), supplements(ALA+Astaxanthin, Green Tea, adaptogens) and the "Myers' Cocktail" IV infusion (and a 21-in-1 herbal coffee). (Soon, I'll lay all this off because I'm worried on my kidneys.)

I think another key would be the mind. The mind is as strong as you think it to be. If you cannot imagine getting that medal or climbing that hill, then you are limited by your own imagination. You have to visualize to materialize. So far, I regularly kept playing maths & word games, doing puzzles and reading books; all to keep my mind sharp.

I got the pre-run jitters; my mind is saying "What am I going to do in all that silence?" or "What if I'm the slowest?" I feel that I might hurt my knee and have to walk all throughout, or not having enough energy for the whole race. How strong is my mind to go through the road less traveled in solitude; will I be able to focus on the road or the women. How far and how fast will my mind take me?

In this half marathon, I am looking forward to defeat myself. There should be no What-Ifs.
(Another update soon after the race; wish me luck)

"To become a better person, you have to challenge yourself.
In the end, whoever wins is you and whatever lost was you."

-- Imperfected Mind, 2016

February 04, 2016


You Only Live One-point

One point seems as simple as just one mere point. Unless. Unless, that one point wins the match.

For instance, a boat with a tiny hole in it - as small as a radius of a ballpoint pen - could only drip water into the boat one drop at a time. Then, as a drop of water accumulates into a puddle and eventually that leak sinks the boat. Similarly, a point after point eventually accumulates into grandeur.

One point deserves your 100% if not the whole team's 100%. There would always be a deviation of talent and skills; nonetheless, 100% is 100%. You'll hear groans from some individuals but the worse part of one point is knowing that you didn't do your best. A player never intends to fail.

Another factor in one point is "there is always someone better." But then again, you could be someone better or better in some other factor. Brains or brawn, there are so many variables to conquer or to match; humans are always adaptive to the situation they are in. Will you fight and live that one-point? Or, will you flee from the fear of losing a point or the risks of injury?

You don't live once. You could be alive every single moment; but you only die once.
After one point, what is your next objective?

Of course, to get the next point as well.

The most acclaimed point is a universe point or universal point. It is a point garnered by two teams who fight for each point neck-to-neck. It is a paradox to #YOLO. Two teams would not be able to meet at this crossroad without the passion to live each point and the tenacity to win; on the contrary, either team could not implement a better strategy of defense or adapt a better resolution than the other to prevent this situation.

Each point is money to the bank. It accumulates to better savings and good interest.

Inscribe it in your resolve that as long as a disc is in the air, it has not yet touched the ground.

Live each point as if it were a universal point. A universal point is simply:

"Whoever wins the point owns the universe."

January 21, 2016

We Are Fragile

Sometimes, we break down. We get depressed; our rhythm gets out of sync.

There are some days I feel down. I'd mope around for a few minutes lasting to a few hours. At most, I'd feel sad for a day. But then, an epiphany shows up and I'm better than I was.

I realized that we are fragile for a good reason. We get to know that we cannot be powerful all the time; we get to see our humanity. It is a momentary pause that give us an appreciation of what truly makes us smile and what we clearly want in life.

Recently, I had an injury and I would have wholeheartedly accepted if it weren't for an upcoming sports tournament. For a while, it made me feel bad that my preparation was inadequate. If I would rate my endurance, it would have been 70% of what I had two years ago; and that is a good rating. So far, 100% of me can do 10k run under 58 minutes or bike 100 miles in a day (an adventure through trail and road; regardless of inclination).

Yet, 70% is not enough to protect myself from injuries. I realized that there were some gaps in my training and mental focus. I have become too relaxed with my current routine that I didn't go out my way to add resistance or new movements. With these insights, I am more equipped on how I should really train.

I believe that even at our 100% we are still fragile; we always find ourselves human. It is a wake-up call that strengthens us to become more human - adaptive to the environment. I may be 70% prepared for the tournament but I am not prepared for other environments. My strength is specialized but not wholly functional to life and its challenges.

We should always prepare. Comfort is a sign that we stopped caring to challenge ourselves. There is no reality that 100% exists - we must keep striving for a better version of ourselves. We can never be complete because, once we are complete, we wouldn't be able to call ourselves human. We have to protect our fragility. Knowing that we are fragile is already enough; we do not need to experience it. And, we shouldn't let it conquer us.

December 25, 2015

Holiday Binge is a Family Thing

Overeating during the holiday season seems to be a norm and is expected by almost everyone. I'd hear people say "I have to get some exercise before I eat", "My resolution is going to the gym; so, I don't need to worry what I gain over the holidays" or "This is food for my soul". Well, this short-term overeating may lead to longer weight gain. I think it is the mindset of eating that leads to this possible conclusion. For instance, a person who thinks that he/she can eat more on a special day will likely eat  the same on any other special day. In addition, it is more likely this person has more special days than the average. 

Furthermore, holiday season brings out the fatty and sugary goodies. Eating these foodstuff rewires your brain. Eating that chocolate bar or that sugar-sprinkled oatmeal cookie can make you crave more food and more sugar. Consequently, eating releases hormones/chemicals in your brain that relieves your stress or gives you  more "happiness". Food becomes addictive. The fast food industry calls it cravability; they know food can become addictive to anyone.

Then, why is overeating or binge eating part of family dynamics?

Food is an external entity or force. Science tells us food can change our DNA which, in turn, affects our descendants' DNA. It means that the nutrition of our ancestors is affecting us right now. Our parents' diet and nutrition can be seen in how we live today. There was an account that a grandmother's nutrition affected her grandchildren's health

So, what can you do today that can change the rest of your life and the rest of the lives after you? Eat the right amount and the right kind of food. It is not wrong to indulge your favorite candy bar or the occasional soda; just be aware that what you eat is what you are and what your children could be.

Eat in moderation.

December 24, 2015

2016 Resolutions + Rebirth

Greetings, everyone!

I haven't posted for a really long while - but time is relative. Right now, my main computer is dead; so, when my new one comes, I will change the graphics/design/layout of this blog.

For now, here are my 2016 resolutions:

1. Restart on writing

I found out I really love to write. I thought I would hold it off and enjoy it as a hobby when I'm old or something.. But after writing some stuff a few weeks back - I felt alive.

I'm still making up my mind if I should start again in this blog, or transfer to another blogsite or do wordpress.

By the way, I have a number of notes that I keep my thoughts and I want to share them slowly - maybe not from my journal; more likely my poems and some shorts. The bulk of my poems is in a box in a faraway place (airplane and bus -kind of distance).

Anyway, I'll try to promote this site again - twitter, more images and better colors. The more readers I have, that's you - the more I can get (constructive) criticism/comments - and the more I develop myself.

2. Be more proactive

If my mind is a car, I'd say I've been a passenger for a while. It's time for me to be the driver. If I don't change, I would cease to exist. To set some realistic goals, I'm aiming to be a leader rather thane a follower. I know I won't lead from the start as I am more of a listener than a talker but, in my own way, leading is also organizing.

3. Continue on last year's resolutions

I wasn't able to finish my 2015 resolutions - like run in a 21k marathon or bike at least 100 km (on road and trails; road all the way is boring). I'm no triathlete but I love the rush of endurance and energy seems to be  always on my side. Right now, I feel I'm around 20 to 22 years old - energy and everything else.

I'm 6ish years ongoing cigarette-free but I broke my 2-year soda-free record. I have to lessen my soda intake again.

4. Be more healthy and fit.

I've been drinking Kombucha and Kefir from my cousin, and I think I will also sustain making them. So, I think the habit will remove my tooth for soda and sweets. I'll go back to gym/weights because I think it would help me perform better; for the record, the last time I went was 4.5 years ago. Why? Right now, I have 4.5 years of endurance and cardio. My lowest RHR (resting heart rate) is 39 but my average is 42. This year, I need to prioritize sprinting and jumping because I have acquired enough mental focus to keep going with the current conditions; just not fast enough.

5. Love myself more.

I might have some tendencies that make me feel down. I should believe in myself more. I'll look for a better job. I love my current job; just not the environment. I need something fresh and new to instill in me a new outlook in life. I have to change my lifestyle to develop as a better person. I want to be surrounded with the people I care and love.

I will act more of myself - sometimes, I'm misunderstood. Sometimes, others would think I'm different. Well, those others are also different to me. It's a matter of perspective; reality is relative.

I've set up a few mantras that I can say to myself to keep me looking at the positive side and to uplift me into doing better.

I want another person in my life but I think I'd be able to keep loving her if I am able to love myself completely, a lifestyle check and more development. I want to make more friends this year to have more choices in love in the future.


Well, these are my resolutions so far. I'll add more as the year goes along. Usually, I start my resolutions before the year starts to create a habit of doing them. Statistics say that it takes 29 times (or 29 days) to make an action into a habit.

So, how's my writing? Is it different from my old style? Please comment below. This site will remain my personal blog.

December 21, 2012

The End Is In Us

Either there is an end of the world or an end to the current era. This is how our world might end:

There is a global interconnectedness that puts our languages, words and meanings into communications and designs that would form the recreation the tower of Babel. It will be conceptualized when technology has given us no gap in time in our news and our global social life. A people's confusion will become the world's confusion. The end of the world is when peace is realized and there exists united humanity.

The tower of Babel arose as a connection to the cosmos and beckoned the power of the beyond. For Christians, God had split a single language. Why would God do that? Does God need a reason to act?

I cannot answer my own questions because my questions are not my points. Focus on the Tower of Babel. The goal of connecting to the cosmos was a foolish one. What can one get from the cosmos? Would it lure danger into our world? Or would it attract our dangerous self? The Tower of Babel's fall may not have been from the cosmos but from humankind. A tower built and glorified by the world denizens, can only stand upright if it was built with cooperation or in corruption.

Another point is survival instincts. Humankind has the strong drive to survive that conflict is essential. If there is no war, there would be neither mistakes nor progress. War cannot be limited to guns and mass deaths; war can be as small as an argument. I would not be surprised if an argument or a simple misunderstanding will end the world.

Yet another point is the environment. The world powers seem to battle global warming and other ecological matters but you'll find pollution rampant in my own city and the government does not seem to care about it. The vehicles pump out their gray smog like pouring water on the streets. The pedestrians walk through them as if they were blind and anosmic. And I complain about it to other people and they tell me to accept the pollution because it is reality. Pollution is a reality because you make it real. Media and mainstream trends have dulled the social activist of individuals and have limited their box of thinking and perceiving.

Then, other people would say about external factors – meteor, alignment, solar flare, aliens and more ideas. If we have stopped our worries on the end of the world and focused in the development of world defense, then we could have reached a better control on the external influence of our world. Take note that world defense does not mean defense against each continent or each country.

World defense is going against the external forces of the universe. World defense is not synonymous to united humanity or world peace but world defense could require a united humanity on some levels to be efficient.

I never want to know when the end of the world will happen. If it can be predicted undoubtedly and accurately, then it would mean humankind has lost hope or has become insane. The end of the world would be our demise. The end of the world only happens in our own hands.

Remember these key points:
1. Trust yourself.
2. Trust others.
3. Work in a common good.
4. Save Mother Earth.